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Reason for project: My amazing dad spent alot of time in palliative care  (Dove, Caloundra) and mentioned to me that the walls are very plain and nothing to look at, my dad was the most generous kind dad I could ever ask for and had a massive impact on starting my own business and the woman I am today, so it's so nice to give something back to those who will be going through some rough days, it will brighten the walls with some serene and relaxing landscape photos that evoke a smile or a sense of calmness to those going through some of the roughest days of their lives, if we can just help one person have a better day then it'll make me so happy and be an amazing legacy to dad who was so proud this was going ahead. To those going who are in their for quite some time, their is alot of the day where they are staring at a blank wall. If there is a picture of a sunrise or sunset it will give them that sense of serenity and peace and maybe just for a moment in that day it'll take them away to that place in the landscape whether it be the sun rising over the water or the calmness of the waves rolling into the beach. Wouldn't be possible without all the amazing people who have sponsored a room/print.  You can follow the progress on FB at Light up your heart project 

Me and my dad Ken
The imahes
My dad
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